Windows codename Blue to start yearly update cycle

Windows 8 was only released just over a month ago now and we are already hearing of another update to Microsoft’s ecosystem… Windows codename Blue.

Codename Blue is said to be a major update rolling out in mid-2013 and will be very cheap to obtain; quite possibly free! This update will bring minor changes to the User Interface of Windows and developers can expect the Windows and Windows Phone SDKs to be merged into one to allow the creation of apps that work with both platforms with easy creation.

Windows codename Blue will not only bring an update to Windows, but and update to the way Microsoft updates and releases its Operating Systems. Currently Microsoft has a three-year release cycle in which one major update is released and a couple of service packs rolled out. This is said to be changing to a yearly major update much like Mac OSX.

This new release cycle will be a fast, refreshing and quite possibly a “fluid” experience for consumers.


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